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Koi Ponds and Water Gardens Services

Beautiful Dedicated Koi Ponds and Watergardens are our passion. From small backyard ponds, to large show-ponds, Koi Depot of San Diego can keep your Ecosystems or water feature clean, healthy, and looking great year-round! Call Koi Depot of San Diego today and leave the dirty work to us!

San Diego Pond and Water Garden Cleaning, Filter Care, Koi Care, Aquatic Plant Mangment, Water Conditioning, Pond Clean-Outs, Muck Removal, Algae Control, Powerwashing, Pond Decoration, Pond Consultations.San Diego Pond and Water Garden Maintenance is # 1 in San Diego. Koi Depot of San Diego is full service company with 25 years of experience in Water Feature industry.

Koi and Koi Pond Supplies Koi Pond Services

Koi Depot of San Diego services a WIDE range of Systems out in the market today below is a list of Pond Systems we are familier with and trained in:

Are you in the planning stage of your "Water Feature" "Water Garden"or a"Dedicated Koi Pond" ? We can assist you in providing planning, information, design ideas to make sure you have Designed Your System right....and that it will be easy to maintain. We want to make sure you build it right to start with. Nothing worse then to do it once only to find out you may have left out a key "Component" to your design.

Innovative is the best way to describe the Helix Life Support for Koi Ponds and Water Gardens lineup. After years of research "in the trenches" building ponds with some of the very best and most popular manufacturers, the design team at Helix Life Support for Koi Ponds and Water Gardens saw that some improvements had to be made to some key filtration elements. We have Koi pond filters and Pond Filtration systems to match any pond design you can dream up. You can find simple fish pond filters for water gardens, eco-system ponds, and water gardens to more advanced pond filtration systems for hybrid ponds and koi ponds and make your pond maintenance routine quick and easy.

We have 25 years of experiance in the Water Feature Industry and have many resources at are disposal to make sure your dreams come true! So let #koidepotsandiego help YOU to Achieve your dream!

We have added "Aquaruim Section" to our growing pond business.

I was introduced to Saltwater and Reef keeping back in 1986. I had been a freshwater hobbisits before that since I was 5 yrs old with my first Goldfish tank. Once introduced to saltwater there was no going back! This is part of the reason I started to be more involved with aquatic business....forming our first company Lawson Aquatics in 1986.

Over the years we become more involved with Koi Ponds and Water Gardens. Forming Koi Depot of San Diego has been great experiance and meeting many great people. Once again "Saltwater Part" of me is calling me back into the hobby. We have formed many great sourses for providing some of the best products for great prices. We have added "Aquarium Section" to our growing pond business.

If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur....... Red Adair